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February 1st, 2013, 6:06 pm

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Author's Comments:



Hey everyone! Sorry about the lack of updates, between working on Nikki & Paige ( You should check out the new ep: ) and applying for jobs I've been all kinds of busy and stressed out and didn't have time. ):

But anyway! To lift spirits please check out the fan work page! It has been updated with a lot of lovely fan works! (Seriously, you guys are the most amazing people ever!! ;O; ) With 4 amazingly cute sketches by the always awesome Technoskates!! A super suave drawing of Lord Belinda by the wonderful iStar!! A totally cute cosplay by the even cuter Hikaru!! And a amazingly adorable drawing of Jock/Sanders by the super cool Kismefish!! THANK YOU ALL YOU ARE SO AMAZING YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MANY TEARS OF PURE LOVE I SHED OVER EACH PIECE. I'M NOW DEHYDRATED. <3

And thank you to everyone taking the time to read this silly little comic!! You guys are just too cool!


@snowblinded: As always! I wish she could be queen forever. :'D <3
@kingdomhearts: She is so flawless it hurts to draw her sometimes. ;D
@LilyLackLuster: She is one saucy mama!! ;D
@Halogen: So suave! ;D And I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well! <3
@Hikaru (Guest): Thank you again for the awesome cosplay!!! O: And hahaha, Sanders ruling would be so funny and awful but I get the feeling he would get bored and quit. XD
@LoliMiyoko: Yes, she is the ruler of probably the world! :O Nothing can stop lord belinda!
@Rennakins: It's been a while! D: And awww thank you!! <3
@Tooth: Oh man, snowwww. I misss snowwwww. It's always sunny here. :O Though I spent the day at the beach yesterday and that was nice so I cant complain XD;;
@Stranger (Guest): haha! I bet she has a clone army of Fluffy Bunnies at her command.
@Purple-Spyder: Thank you!! I'm so glad you like it! Belinda is so beautiful, I have to look away when drawing her :'D
@M.Yuu: Baby, you know I'm just playin' wit ya. ;D <3 And joke's on you cause I AM Belinda's harem!!
@MrMonochromatic: Belinda excuses you. haha, I'm glad you like the glamour! Thank you! ;D
@Eanna: Thank you so much for reading!! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Also, I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well! <3
@MomotheGreat: I forget she is a bird sometimes too, she needs to stop acting so human, it's creepy XD
@Lol (Guest): Aww, thank you so much for reading and liking Sanders! :D And what? Oh no. Uhm. like, does the whole page take long to load or just the comic page itself? If it's the comic page I may be able to make the file size smaller? That might help? But I dont know what to do if it's the website. D: I will try my best to fix it though, thanks for letting me know! :) <3



User's Comments:






oh my this is indeed a very different situation then I would have ever seen :D Lord Belinda you truly are ruler of all!! (Also I wounder how Jock is doing.)



I think this is the happiest I've ever seen Mr. Boss. Look at those cheery pixels :3


Hikaru (Guest)

Ya.. That DOES sound like Sanders.. XD Gosh, you keep showering me with loves.. I feel so unworthy! (Bows)


Blue Rose

Good gracious, as if this burd couldn't get any better! Hahaha~


Tooth (Guest)

I've had enough of snow ): It goes and everything is fine and the next day it's there again!
Wah, the beach sounds nice!



Stranger (Guest)

Gasp! Sanders, you have upset her royal feathers! How dare you upset Lady Belinda by speaking with a common translator rather than pay attention to her and her beauty.



*gasp* Oh my! D:
And now she's angry, and Mr.Boss looks so cute~



You.... ARE the harem???? // cries about it

Omfg i am the barbie in your dollhouse of feelings // also cries about it


Lol (Guest)

The whole thing takes long to load; unfortunately. I love your comic. You are very talented.


Subaru (Guest)

omg, if Belinda is now "lord Belinda"...... wouldthat mean she'd have the power to make Jock her bitch- er, I nean (unwilling) consort? XDD

(loving the comic, btw)

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