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September 26th, 2013, 4:13 pm

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hey! How are all of you? :)

Thank you for reading my comic, you guys are super swell!


@snowblinded: Hhaha, I should make those inspirational posters except have them feature Sanders. :)
@Mio_Chouseki: It's a bit of give and take, I guess. :'O
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: Hi! Hi Hi! I really hope my reply got to you!! <3 Im doing ok, thanks! I hope you are doing well!
@Blue Rose: I am doing well, thanks! I hope life is treating you well! :) And haha, she is the boss' daughter, after all!
@Hikaru (Guest): Hhaa, I wonder if Sanders means anything he says. :'D And yeeeaaa, poor Payton had to become the group leader so quickly :O
@Forbidden_Requiem: She's the boss' daughter, after all!
@Brian (Guest): Hhaha, thank you!
@Tooth: Thanks! I'm glad you like him!
@redleaveshavefallen: And I love you! Thank you so much for the lovely comment, my dear! <3
@Pikkles: Child, where have you been?! Me and Becca have been worried parents! :'O How are you???



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Ello, ello, ello. :) Yep yep! I got your reply and thanks so much for it. Aww, I hope Sanders doesn't ruin the moment. Also man Payton, you're gonna be even more awesome than your daddy!! O__O I can see her taking over the family business.



Glad someone finally remembered why they came here for. A+ for Payton.



Payton I love you so much omfg pls

The rock knows wassup its probably shitting on the carpets on purpose cause Jock wont pet him

and on that note LOoKiT ThAT CutE POuT ON jOCk <3 ;o; <3 <3



Like a boss Payton P:



I have been on the run. Living the the life of a lone wolf. not really I just kinda sat on facebook and played candy crush. u o u

sanders stopped to give jock that come hinder look aw yiss.


Subaru (Guest)

omg, pages~! :D

I love how they're all like "Oh yeah, derpy derp". Oh Payton, you're such a boss. Well, it IS natural after all. And Jock's pout! AW~!

Hahaha, watching South Park sounds almost patriotic now XD.


Stranger (Guest)

Payton is da boss and you cannot refuse her. Will Sanders and Jock have a sentimental moment? Find out in the next installment of....MY TWO CENTS, PLUS TAX!

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