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June 28th, 2009, 5:23 pm

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Author's Comments:



Chapter 3...START! :D Oh man, I just can't stop bringing the hurt onto Jock. XD;;;

Thanks everyone for the comments and support! :D

EDIT: Thats a drawing of Jock on sanders paper btwbtw XDDD sander is such an amazing artist LOL



User's Comments:



oh wow, i love this page x'DDD
" the chair ok?" :'D;;;;
poor Jock xD;
fff, sanders is as full of expression as ever =u= <3
omg i love the Snuffy Panda.... OAO <333



Thee poor chair D=

I mean Jock

Love the doodle of Jock on the paper, whats on the rest of the sheet? xD



REPLIES: @Nia-chan: Lol thanks so much Nia! :D <3
and oh yes, Sanders is just so...yeah. Expressions :'D
@Arkadian Mouse: The chair broke it's spine! D: And for sure. Those landslides don't stand a chance! >:D
@tristan_chans: Lol Jock is below the chair in the ranks of importance D: And as for the sheet, I dunno. probably Fluffy Bunny XDD
@Taseli: LOL What the heck. There is an obvious one sided Human/Bunny love in this comic and your worried about BL instead? XDD And who ever said anything about BL anyway? And yes, Jock is the only sane one XD Thanks for the comment <3
@ka64: YES. The evil panda lives! >:D and Lol Sanders should go to art school! :D



PANDA. Panda-man---guardian of the panels---is on the teevee~ I don't know whether to squee or run away screaming? ::shrugs:: Ah well.
8D Hurray! Moar stuffz. <3 Gah, poor Jock. And I like Sanders doodle D8 But he'd struggle if he went to an art school, like with us xD. Jeff Weihing would be like NO STICK FIGURES SANDERS. And he'd be all '-_-'.



Yay. I love you and your mind, Q. (I expecially loved that video game metaphor a few pages back. ;w; )



LOLOL, he's worried about the chair, but not about Jock?! xD

I think I nearly died laughing! xD



heh heh, its funny to hurt him though :D



awww poor poor cha- er Jock XD


Hikari Yuki

Hahahah! I was having an okay day, now I'm like stupidly happy. Hahaha! You're comics are like uppers or something! [Let's all get addicted...]

Hurrr...Snuffy the Panda and I would get along well. Preventing landslides, while looking like a serial killer, is my number-one mission in life! [That and taming moose while wearing a hoop skirt and six inch platforms.]

Superhero business adventures aside, was Sanders drawing Jock!!!?? [Because the world needsta' know!]

P.S. Is Snuffy free for a date this Saturday?



yknow i'm REALLY itching to see Mr.Boss's face....



REPLIES: @loserfish: Lol silly Becca, he cant get you if he is in the tv! ((Or can he~? D: )) PFFFT! The Jeff comment made me laugh so much! XD Sanders would cry if Jeff was his teacher! ((Or make, like, crying sounds since his face cant move XD))
@Pandachu: I love your mind more~ ;W; <3 And thanks so much! It's always nice to hear from you~! <3
@The_Crazy)Freak: LOL Jock gets no love! XD Lol! Thanks for commenting! <3
@amzzz123: I knoooowww~! I dont know why XDD!! lol thanks for the comment! <3
@phoenixgem: LOL! Jock is so not loved XD Thanks for commenting! <3
@Hikari Yuki: WHOOOO~ UPPERS MAKE THE WORLD HAPPY. It's a fact. :D
PFFFT! You always give me the funniest mental images and I LOVE IT. XDD! <33 Hoopskirts and mooses~ XD <333
LOL and yes, Sanders was doodling Jock. Under a happy sun XDD <3
And Nooo, sorry. He already is going on a date with Jock on saturday. ((Tho jock doesnt know that yet XD))
@King.Moptop: Awww, dang! Thanks for all the comments on the pages! ;W; <3 and LOL maybe if I mess up and post without cencoring his face you will see it~ XD



ahahahaha XDDD BL PANDA!!! yay 8D

is jock slacking off again?>



A comment on an old page, why yes, yes it is. BUT I have to say, I've been starting to see the Smokey the Bear ads coming up again and it made me think of my very favorite Panda who imparted upon me words of wisdom of my abilities in preventing landslides of the untimely sort. Ya' know it was my reading of this page out loud that got my sister into MTCPT. Now it's our favorie joke of all time. :]



O___O Snuffy the Panda now haunts my dreams!! O[]O ; ___ ;

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